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Casual online meetups brought to you by your fave peeps of the #SquadGoalsNetwork.

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Our next After Hours Social is

Our next Daytime Design Studio is on
Wed, May 22 at 12:00pm ET

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@sqdglsntwrk / Website

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One Goal, Two Formats

The #SquadGoalsNetwork Salons were created for the simple purpose of bringing folks together to discuss ubiquitous challenges, collaborate on innovative projects, and build out teams of connected educators (and friends). We've established two formats, each with their own unique vibe:

  • After Hours Socials
    First Thursdays at 9:00PM ET
    When the house winds down, grab a beverage and join us for a casual chat on what you've got going on, hosted by a member of the #SquadGoalsNetwork.
  • Daytime Design Studios
    Third Fridays at 12:00PM ET
    This themed meetup will feature a design sprint, a spotlight on an initiative, a co-working challenge, or a show-and-tell of a problem or a solution.
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For more about the #SquadGoalsNetwork, to include detailed information about the SGN Salons, as well as all of our awesome initiatives related to personal learning networks, reach out using any of the methods below. We're friendly! We promise!